Monday, September 20, 2010

Newsletter Term 3 Week 9 - Friday 17 September 2010

From The Principal
Kia ora tatou katoa, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Bula vi naka, Kia orana Nga mihi nui ki a koutou, Namaste, Nihao, He mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa! Greetings to you all. Warm greetings to you all. Hopefully we will get some warm weather soon.

Our term is nearing the end rather quickly and we have had an amazing term that has been filled with a lot of interesting activities. Well done everyone for all your hard work. I have seen some fantastic art work that the children have done for the calendars this year. The children have been busy planning some enhancements to our environment as part of the Me and My Environment Inquiry unit. I am looking forward to seeing the results very soon.

Thanks to everyone who attended our Celebration of learning day last week. I am sure you would have found these days informative. We value your participation and any feedback that you would like to share. Please go to our website and make a comment if you have time.

Please spare a thought for the people in Christchurch suffering from the series of devastating earthquakes. The children are returning to school after a week of extremely worrying times. We wish them well and hope that life will return to normal as soon as possible.

We had a very disturbing incident this week after school with a child falling from a car outside our school when the car sped off without the child securely in the seat belt or the door closed. This could have been fatal, thankfully it wasn’t. Please ensure that you are really careful when driving in and around our school, as this is an extremely busy place every day.

Just a few reminders
· Principals assembly Friday 24 September 9.30 am
· New term starts 11 October 2010
· ERO visit 12 October – 14 October

Please return your intermediate school enrolments ASAP. Thank you.

In an effort to ease traffic congestion and to provide a safe and environmentally friendly journey to school, we would like to establish walking school bus routes. As a trial to gauge support for this initiative we are going to begin with a walking school bus on 4 different routes bringing the students to school in the morning. The buses will operate on the following days next term;
Week 2: Tuesday 19 October
Week 4: Wednesday 3 November
Week 6: Thursday 18 November
Week 8: Friday 3 December
Maps of the designated starting points and routes and the times of departure will be distributed next term. If your child travels to school by car this is an opportunity to drop them off at a walking school bus starting point and have them enjoy a fun, safe and active way to travel to school.

Elim Christian College has established the above support group which meets in their school staffroom. This is open to all parents in the community. The next Parent Support Group meeting will be on Monday, 20 September, 7:30. The special guest speaker will be Lawrence Croggin, BSc, Dip Tchg, MA (Ed Psychology). He will address a variety of learning difficulties that hinder children’s learning progress in a school situation. Being a dyslexic learner himself, he will look at problems that he had to (and still) struggle with every day. He will give teachers and parents a better understanding of the dyslexic way of learning, and will also supply teachers and parents with a variety of strategies that can be applied when assisting students with a learning difficulty. Lawrence will also inform us about the Cell field programme and the benefits of the programme.

Our Dance group taught by Natasha Sharp will be performing at the final Term assembly on Friday 24th September at 2.00 pm. Parents are welcome to attend. There will be dance classes for 7 weeks next term for those who wish to enrol.

Our services are provided FREE to all pre-school, primary and intermediate school children. For details of the nearest School Dental Clinic open during the holiday period please contact 0800 TALK TEETH or 0800 825 583. A list of clinics currently open is also available on our website:

Frday 24 September......... Principal’s Awards Assembly 9.30am
Friday 24 September ........ Term 3 ends
Monday 11 October........... Term 4 begins
Tuesday 12 October............ ERO visit

We would like to congratulate the Elm Park Inter-school netball team who came 2nd in their pool. They went through with 6 wins and 2 loses. Well done! Also a big thank you to those parents what supported them during the season!

Congratulations to Jackson Armour for the awards received at the Pakuranga Rugby Club prize giving recently. Jackson’s accolades this year included:
· Back of the Year
· Under 10 Player of the Year
· Selection for Australian tour next year
Well done Jackson. You should be very proud of yourself.

Howick Plunket 7th Annual Quiz Night - Saturday 11 September 2010, 7.30 pm start. Howick and Pakuranga Netball Hall, 451 Pakuranga Rd, Howick Tickets $20 per person; includes nibbles, supper and a complimentary drink. Come along for a great night out with fabulous spot prizes, live band and a silent auction. Tickets and information call Laura 5765399

Southmall's Got Talent
- First prize is $2,000 for the performer(s) and $2,000 for the school they attend. Second prize is $1,000 for the performer(s) and $1,000 for the school they attend and third prize is $500 for the performer(s) and $500 for the school they attend. We are taking applications for performances and tallying votes up until 20 September. Voting commences the minute you get your entry in. All students have to do is send us their applications and their performance on CD, Flash Drive, or if they don't have the facilities to film themselves we can film them onsite at Southmall. Students then have to encourage friends, family everyone to visit any Southmall retailer, pick up a voting form and cast their vote for their performance in centre court. The top five entries will be voted in by the public and will perform at Southmall Shopping Centre on 1 October 2010 from 12pm. Feel free to contact Sammy onsite at Southmall on 09 267 0458. Visit to download an application form today.

- Have you ever wondered how computer games and 3D movies like Toy Story are made? Learn the latest in 3D Animation and Games Design on a Bubble Dome School Holiday workshop. Other course in Architecture, Movie Making, Science & Technology, Fashion Design, Photography at selected venues. NEW Robotics and TV courses these holidays! For students aged 6 – 16 years. Tel: 09-622-0670 or Email: or Visit:

Vacancies for Brownies
- Girls aged 7 to 9 years are encouraged to consider joining our new Brownie Unit operating out of the Glenmore Road Girl Guiding Hall, Pakuranga. We meet Wednesday night from 5.45 pm till 7.15 pm during school term time. Unlike other Brownie units in this area we have no waiting list on this unit and it starts later in the day which suits working parents. To find out more contact Judy Fowler 09 5767325 (District Co-ordinator).

Have fun at Snowplanet
these September/October school holidays! - Snowplanet offers unique winter wonderland experience and only 20 minutes north of the Bridge, making for a wonderful school holiday destination. The very popular kid’s school holiday programmes come with a 2 hour ski or snowboard group lesson (beginners to advanced) each day, rental equipment, a graduation meal on the last day, a snow academy achievement booklet plus a huge amount of fun! For enquiries or bookings contact Snowplanet on 09 427 0044 extension 725 or email Visit Snowplanet’s website

Milan’s Shoes
– Have new season winter shoes is stock now. All Elm Park School parents receive a 10% discount.

Congratulations to all the students who were selected this term as class winners for Personal Presentation. Students voted as the overall winner in their year level for the most neatly presented in their uniform are:

Year 1: Briana Crang-Cournane
Year 2: Colin Ng
Year 3: Braeden Robinson
Year 4: Yazan Hatem
Year 5: Shannon-Lee Howell
Year 6: Colin Lin

This term the following students were acknowledged for their responsible, friendly behaviour.

Room 1 - Rajbir Kaur
Room 2 - Danika Jordaan
Room 3 - Conor Wilkinson
Room 4 - Hunter Court
Room 5 - Aaron Ho
Room 6 - Quintina Ioane
Room 7 - Karen Zhu
Room 9 - Jackson Webster
Room 10 - Caleb Carswell
Room 11 - Nathanael Knight
Room 12 - Charlee Webb
Room 13 - Steven Zhu
Room 14 - Joshua Spooner
Room 15 - Ben Wong
Room 16 - Awhinarose Wood
Room 17 - Leila Alai-Stowers
Room 18 - Dan Dao
Room 19 - Alex Edwards
Room 20 - Shimona Zhang
Room 21 - Taylor Paewhenua
Room 22 - Louise Ren
Room 23 - Raynah D’Silva
Room 24 - Kasanita To’Ofohe
Room 25 - Sarah To’Ofohe
Room 26 - Kian Mahomed
Room 27 - Robert Scott

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's on Term 3 Week 10

It's the last week of Term 3 and the Principal's Award assembly is on Friday in the auditorium at 9:30am. School finishes at 3pm on Friday.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Term 3 Week 7 - Friday 3rd September 2010

From the Principal
Kia ora tatou katoa, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Bula vi naka, Kia orana Nga mihi nui ki a koutou, Namaste, Nihao, Greetings to you all.

On Friday last week we held a special assembly to farewell Mrs Kay Nielson from Elm Park School. Mrs Nielson has been at Elm Park since 1997 working with our ESOL students across the school. We wish Mrs Nielson all the very best for the future as she works full time for Team Solutions. These are the words of thanks to us from Mrs Nielson

“Thank you so much for making my last day at Elm Park so special. What an amazing assembly, I was absolutely blown away. I have indeed been privileged to have worked with such wonderful children and staff. Please thank the children for all their wonderful cards, humbling messages, amazing songs and music and for dressing up in their beautiful cultural costumes. It was an afternoon I will never forget. My tears were of both happiness and sadness. Happiness that I have had the honour of working with so many wonderful children not only in the ESOL room but in classrooms, at dance and on the sports fields. My tears of sadness were that I will miss you all so very much. Thank you all.”

We welcome Mrs Jean Russell who will be taking over as our new ESOL teacher.

Festival Choir
On Wednesday and Thursday evenings our choir performed at Farm Cove Intermediate together with Wakaaranga School, Sunnyhills and St Marks. This was a lovely experience and I am sure all those parents and families who attended would agree. We are very proud of our choir and their performance. They looked especially smart in their new shirts. Many thanks to Mrs Taljaard for all her hard work this year. Well done.

Unfortunately our Interschool Rugby finals had to be cancelled due to the WET weather and the state of the grounds. Many thanks go to Miss Tizard for all her organization to co-ordinate all the teams and the games

A team of three people will be visiting Elm Park the first week of Term 4. We are looking forward to sharing our stories with the team.

Celebration of Learning Day

Week 8, Thursday 9 September
9.00 am until 12.30 pm.
We welcome you to visit your child’s classroom and observe the class in action and share some of your child /children’s day. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Intermediate School Enrolments
Please return your intermediate school enrolments ASAP. Thank you.

Key Events For Your Diary
Tue 7 September..........Hindi Speech Finals
Thur 9 September.........Celebration of Learning Day 9-12 pm
Tue 14 September........Cross County T
hur 16 September.......BOT Meeting
Fri 24 September..........Principal’s Awards Assembly
......................................Term 3 ends

Sensory Gardens Seat
We have two seats in pride of place in our sensory garden in memory of Maggie Roberts, one from the PTA (thank you) and the other from the Staff and children of Elm Park. The children are making good use of these to sit and ponder when it is not raining.

Auckland Botanic Garden
Last week the Year 1 Team visited the Auckland Botanic Gardens. It was part of our inquiry on ‘Birds’. We went to learn about the adaptations birds have that help them live in their special habitats. We learned about different kinds of beaks and how the birds use them. We also talked about where you find the different sorts of feathers on a bird. We learned about the pests that harm our birds. We saw some Tui, some ducks and some Pukeko. Many thanks to all the parents who helped us.

KnowledgeNET Caregiver Logins
By now every parent should have received their personal, confidential user name and password for KnowledgeNet. If you have not yet received yours, please email the school office at and we will send it home via your child.

Focus On Children
Room 24 have been studying Freiedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hunterwasser - Hunterwasser was born on December 15,1928. He died on February 19, 2000. He died when he was on a ship, the Queen Elizabeth. His father was a Catholic and his mum was Jewish. During WWII, he and his mother became Catholics and they pretended they were not Jewish, so they were not discovered and sent to a concentration camp. Hunterwasser was very artistic. He attended for 3 months the Academy of Arts in Vienna, Austria. He liked to paint and started doing paintings. He was also famous as an architect. His buildings were inspired by architects like Antoni Gaudi. Hunterwasser came to New Zealand and lived here. New Zealand became his official home. Whenever he travelled out of the country, he kept his watch on New Zealand time. He made buildings without straight lines, different sizes and colors. He hated straight lines and sterile modern buildings. He loved nature and thought we should plant lots of trees, especially in urban places. Our class calendar art is inspired by Hunterwasser.

Personal Presentation

Congratulations to all the students who were selected this term as class winners for Personal Presentation. Students voted as the overall winner in their year level for the most neatly presented in their uniform are:
Year 1: Cameron Burns
Year 2: Khushnaz Masani
Year 3: Imasha Fernandez
Year 4: Hannah-May Slater
Year 5: Siobhan Brunton
Year 6: Chantelle Neely

Positive Social Interaction Winners
This term the following students were acknowledged for their responsible, friendly behaviour.
Room 1 Levena Hu
Room 2 Selina Wu
Room 3 Barath Thavarajh
Room 4 Kiri Kerswell
Room 5 Javier Tangitau
Room 6 Jethro Mapusua
Room 7 Molly Busfield
Room 9 Lucy Yang
Room 10 Ethan Tizard
Room 11 Ard Zeneli
Room 12 Nathan Ly
Room 13 Ivana Williams
Room 14 Caleb Conrad
Room 15 Sydney Munro
Room 16 James Hills
Room 17 Emma Whelan
Room 18 Anna Hallows
Room 19 Summan Asim
Room 20 Anna-Louise Mahoney
Room 21 Spencer Savage Howe
Room 22 Samuel Chen
Room 23 Megha Patel
Room 24 Matthew Leake
Room 25 Raymond Santos
Room 26 Jack O’Connor
Room 27 Senaya Wellalagodage

Sunnyhills School 40th Celebration

Wed 22 and Thur 23 Sept Wine and Cheese evening, open morning, celebration assembly and sports events. For further information contact Phone 576 8031

Basketball Holiday Camp
Ages: 7 – 14 year olds. Time: 9am – 3pm Cost: $150 for Camp or $50 per day Mon 27th – Thur 30th, Mon 4th- Thur 7th(Tue 5th 12-3pm)

Bucklands Beach Ohui-a-Rangi Playcentre Gala Day/Car Boot Sale
Sun 19 Sept, 8am-2pm. 50 The Parade, Bucklands Beach. Tables/Parking spaces available for $10. Contact Paula on 5351507 or 0210380956 The Adventure Farm Camp Specialists -

School Holiday Adventure Camps 2010

Monday 27th Sept – Friday 1st October, 8 – 14 year olds – limited spaces left Monday 4th – Friday 8th October, 8 – 14 year olds 5 days, 4 nights $360 Here at Lakewood Lodge, we offer a safe, caring, family atmosphere with an opportunity to experience farm life and make new friends. We have great country cooking, 1 Horse trek & grooming **, Kayaking, Archery, 11 Metre Climbing Wall, Low Ropes course, Frisbee Golf, waterslide, disco, a concert, Spotlight, Burma Trail, pool & tabletennis competitions, BBQs, Volleyball, games, Firepit with toasted marshmallows, pet animal interaction & excellent supervision. Also included is a day at an Aquatic Centre. Pick up from Auckland if wanted, Monday at 8.45am in our bus EXTRA $35. Phone to confirm this. Return Friday at 5pm or by arrangement. Meeting Place: University Clocktower, Princes Street, Auckland or by arrangement. Phone us now with your registration - 07-826-3344 Or book on through our website **Specialist Horse Camp running at the same time. OSCAR Approved. If you would like to be on our mailing list please email Jeff –